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Emergency Warden Training

Fire Training and Safety Services offers Emergency Warden training in a structured training format at nationally accredited level, using selected units from the National Public Safety Training Package. The Public Safety Training Package is aligned to the National Competency Standard, Fire and Emergency Response (CS-FP-001-1995). The suite of courses (Units of Competency) within this Training Package allows selection of Units most suited to the individual client requirements taking into account the roles and responsibilities allocated to the emergency wardens at that location.

With the scope outlined in the Australian Standard AS3745 Planning for emergencies in facilities, and the Code of Practice Managing the Work Environment and Facilities, the designated or responsible persons (Emergency Wardens) need to be able to:

  • implement the local plan to deal with a large number of different emergency scenarios such as fire, medical, chemical emergencies,
  • safeguard other employees, clients and public, and
  • provide liaison with the responding emergency services.

This training needs to encompass the most likely types of emergencies to be experienced in the workplace, although fire is often utilised as the most significant scenario. Other planning indicated may be chemical, Bomb Threat or personal Threat issues.

We propose to deliver the following Unit of Competency, selected from the Public Safety Training Package, to manage your general site emergency requirements. For successful participants, a nationally accredited Statement of Attainment for the modules completed will be issued.


Respond to workplace emergencies


Operate as part of an emergency control organisation.


Confine small workplace emergencies (including the use of first attack fire fighting equipment).

Course Training Courses For South Australians

These selected Units build a basis of training and application reflecting the roles of emergency wardens and other persons making up the Emergency Control Organisation.

Following is an outline of the proposed course delivery:

  • Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations (SA) 2012 and Standards for the Emergency Control Organisation.
  • Emergency planning principles
  • Roles and responsibilities for wardens and building occupants
  • Chief Warden roles and responsibilities
  • Evacuation processes, provision and collection of information within the emergency control organisation
  • Liaison with emergency services by Chief Warden and Wardens
  • Building emergency systems, equipment placement (and type) and signage.
  • Fire emergency plans
  • Selection and use of portable fire extinguishers
  • Familiarisation with equipment on premises such as FIP and sprinkler systems, EWIS systems)

Training will be both theory and practical aspects with an assessment process during the course. Participants will be expected to use portable fire extinguishers within the context of a small controlled practical exercise. On successful completion of the course, participants receive a Statement of Attainment for these Unit of Competency.

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